• spain: 1000s flee new blaze on Costa del Sol

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    *Spain fire: Thousands flee blaze near Costa del Sol town

    BBC News via Caron Brief

    BBC News reports that around 2,000 people have left their homes after
    wildfires broke out in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia. It
    adds: "The blaze has burned 7,400 hectares, according to Spanish
    media. `This is inhuman, nothing like this has ever been seen,' one
    evacuee, Adriana Iacob told Reuters. `The flames of the fire as they
    ran through the mountains, it was amazing.' Europe has seen a number
    of wildfires this summer. Climate change increases the risk of the
    hot, dry weather that is likely to fuel wildfires." Meanwhile, the Independent`s Bel Trew reports from Greece on how its own "summer
    firestorms" were "utterly foreseeable".

    In other Europe news, Bloomberg reports that "Italians may soon reckon
    with higher pasta prices amid a fall in durum wheat production". The
    price hike is due to that fact that "drought and heat continued to
    hurt the wheat harvest in July in Canada, the world's biggest supplier
    of durum wheat, months after a harsh winter hit the Russian crop".

    The Financial Times says that, ahead of Ursula von der Leyen's state
    of the union address on Wed, "soaring carbon prices spell
    trouble ahead for [European Union]'s climate policies". It adds: "The
    fear among EU policymakers is a rerun of the gilets jaunes phenomenon
    seen in France, where citizens rebel against the cost of going green."
    And Bloomberg says "the energy crunch in Europe [shows] little signs
    of easing, with German and French power prices rising to record levels
    amid signs winter may be coming early this year". It adds: "The cost
    of electricity is continuing to rise even as Russia said it finished
    building a controversial natural gas pipeline that could bring some
    relief to the crunch in [gas] supply."

    Finally, the Financial Times has a "big read" on how Germany's Greens
    have "embraced business". The newspaper says: "If, as expected, the
    party forms part of any coalition govt, it will demand companies
    set net-zero targets."

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    Singapore shows Australia that 80 per cent vaccination won't stop infections surging
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    Despite being one of the world's most vaccinated countries, Singapore is
    being forced to reimpose restrictions and delay opening up due to a surge in infections. So what does that mean for Australia's four-step opening plan, based on 80 per cent inoculation?

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    {Pricing itself out of the market:]
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