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    8 Oct NOAA Billion-Dollar Disasters Q3 update

    Russian Arctic Is Experiencing Dramatic Ice Loss
    Treehugger 03 Sep 2021 19:03Z
    The researchers compared the ice loss with data on climate trends such as
    air and ocean temperatures. They found that, on Novaya Zemlya, there was a
    more or...

    Russia to Rely on Vast Forests to Meet Climate Goals - Reports
    The Moscow Times, 28 Aug 2021
    Russia plans to rely on its forests and swamps to absorb enough greenhouse gases to meet its climate goals while continuing to increase its...

    Japan, Russia to cooperate in hydrogen, ammonia to fight climate ...
    Reuters, 03 Sep 2021

    Polk Co. commissioner drafts letter asking Gov. DeSantis to make ivermectin widely available
    WFLA, 03 Sep 2021 21:26Z

    SpaceX all-civilian flight clears flight readiness review for Kennedy Space Center launch
    Orlando Sentinel, 03 Sep 2021 19:25Z

    New Jersey's Stunning Storm Toll Includes Many Who Drowned in Cars
    The New York Times, 04 Sep 2021 01:22Z

    Why Some Scientists Think Consciousness Persists After Death
    Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence, 03 Sep 2021 18:21Z

    Commuters Stuck on Train for 12 Hours as Tracks Flooded
    Inside Edition, 03 Sep 2021 22:20Z

    BREAKING (4 Sep): NSW has detected another 1533 Delta cases and
    recorded another 4 deaths from the virus in the past 24 hrs.

    Health benefits of vaccinating 12-15 year olds 'marginal', says UK
    vaccine assessor
    ABC News, 03 Sep 2021 22:56Z
    British vaccine advisors decline to recommend the vaccination of
    healthy older children against COVID-19, saying the direct health
    benefits are "marginal".

    Victoria records 190 new local COVID-19 cases, 103 linked to known outbreaks ABC News, 03 Sep 2021 22:56Z
    Victoria records 190 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19, as data
    reveals schools and workplaces have been some of the biggest drivers
    of the outbreak.

    Could international borders open before states do?
    ABC News, 03 Sep 2021 19:26Z
    With NSW about to enter its 11th week of lockdown, and Victorians digging
    deep as they juggle lockdown number six, Western Australia and Queensland
    are rebelling against the federal govt's four-phase plan to open the
    country. And the clash of views is getting heated.

    There are warnings of a looming online delivery crisis in the weeks ahead
    ABC News, 03 Sep 2021 19:24Z
    As COVID-19 cases continue to climb, there are concerns major retailers
    won't have the ability to get online orders to your front door.

    Average age of COVID-19 deaths in Greene County drops to an all-time low
    KY3, 03 Sep 2021 16:20Z

    Blood Donor Study Estimates Over 80% of American Adults Now Have Coronavirus Antibodies
    Gizmodo, 03 Sep 2021 17:19Z

    The hospitalization rate among teens who are unvaccinated is 10 times higher than teens who are vaccinated, new CDC data shows
    Yahoo News, 03 Sep 2021 17:19Z

    Greenpeace Starts Legal Proceedings Against Volkswagen for Fuelling the
    Climate Crisis
    Common Dreams, 03 Sep 2021 14:20Z
    Greenpeace Germany announced today that it is suing Volkswagen, the world's second largest car manufacturer, for failing to ...

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    Progressives Push for Fossil Fuel Firms to Pay into Climate Fund
    Bloomberg on MSN.com, 03 Sep 2021 16:19Z
    Progressive Democrats want to require the nation's largest fossil fuel companies to finance $500 bn in climate efforts ...

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