• jul 2021: GL +.626 NEW RECORD/142; NH +.918 #2; SH +.308 #5: NOAA/NOAAT

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    The NOAA has updated its NOAATEMP surface data series to the end of
    July 2021.

    As widely reported in the media NOAA found the avg global surf temp
    for July to be almost .626C above their 1970-2000 baseline making it
    the warmest July in the NOAATEMP record.

    It was also teh warmest of any month in the record.

    6 other regions also set new records in the 142 year dataset.

    At the other end of the spectrum was Antactica at only 1.1C above normal.
    No wonder they're freezing they asses off down thyar!

    Willie Soon was rite all alon!!

    The various regions of interest for July are as follows:

    Region Rank Anom (deg C rel ~1980s avgs)
    NTempland 1 1.696439 <--- BRRR!
    NTemp 1 1.414281
    NHemland 1 1.328659
    NTempocean 1 1.166011
    Glland 1 1.141407
    Gl 1 0.625595
    NHem 2 0.917741
    STemp 2 0.204953
    STempocean 3 0.175245
    Shemocean 4 0.238539
    STempland 5 0.712825
    Shemland 5 0.667079
    Shem 5 0.307878
    NHemocean 6 0.669217
    Glocean 6 0.431078
    Trpcsocean 7 0.335644
    Trpcsland 8 0.723140
    Trpcs 8 0.425957
    NoPoocean 11 1.027101
    NoPo 11 0.909985
    NoPoland 12 0.806664
    SoPoland 26 1.112958
    SoPo 34 0.191562

    Regional NSW to go into lockdown from 5:00pm today
    ABC News, 14 Aug 2021 05:00Z
    From 5:00pm today, all of regional NSW will be locked down. The ABC
    understands the stay-at-home orders will be in place for a week.

    The FAA Finally Admits it Documents Reports of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena The Debrief, 13 Aug 2021
    The inclusion of the FAA as a source for information about UAP within
    the [UAP Report to Congress] was notable, especially because in years past,
    the agency tasked with regulating all civil aviation in the United States
    has seemed to want no involvement of any sort with unidentified flying objects.

    74 people in Martha's Vineyard have tested positive for Covid since Obama's 60th birthday bash
    Daily Mail, 14 Aug 2021 0:58Z

    [Sturgis 2.0!]
    Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Is Back Despite The Delta Variant
    NPR, 04 Aug 2021 23:43Z

    26 crew members and 1 passenger on Carnival ship from Galveston test
    positive for COVID
    KTRK-TV, 13 Aug 2021 17:57Z

    Oregon governor deploys up to 1,500 National Guard troops to support hospitals The Hill, 13 Aug 2021 23:55Z

    Amid Extreme Weather, a Shift Among Republicans on Climate Change
    The New York Times, 13 Aug 2021 20:54Z

    New COVID cases in US soar 700% week-over-week since July 1, CDC says
    USA TODAY, 13 Aug 2021 21:53Z

    [Another new record!]
    BREAKING (14 Aug): NSW has detected another 466 new Delta cases
    detected in the past 24 hrs. Only 76 were known to be in iso for
    their entire period of infection. There were also 4 deaths.
    Vaccination is key, Prem Berejiklian said at the daily pressure. She
    announced NSW was approaching 50%. 100,000 key workers will be
    vaccinated next wk, she said. People in certain jobs have to work,
    the Prem explained. Anyway wanting to leave Sydney, incl authorized
    workers, would need to apply for a permit. Police would enforce
    health orders from Mon with on-the-spot fines up to $5k.
    Operation Stay At Home would see 800 police hit the streets.
    Residents will be required to carry ID at all times, police said.
    Health officials announced virus had been detected in wastewater in
    several rural areas and called on people to come forward and be tested.

    BREAKING (14 Aug): Qld has recorded 6 new Delta cases, all linked to
    known cases.

    Boeing Starliner Malfunction Potentially Caused by Florida's Humid
    Air, Investigators Say
    Gizmodo, 13 Aug 2021 22:08Z

    The Afghan Military Was Built Over 20 Years. How Did It Collapse So Quickly? The New York Times, 13 Aug 2021 22:11Z

    BREAKING (14 Aug): Vic has recorded 21 new Delta cases. All are linked
    to known cases but only 11 were in iso for their entire infectious period.

    Buildings destroyed in northern Turkey floods as the death toll rises to 31
    ABC News, 13 Aug 2021 22:06Z
    Helicopters help evacuate people stranded in flood-affected areas, as
    flooding in the Black Sea coastal area destroyed bridges and cut off electricity to 100s of villages.

    [On track:]
    Tropical storm warning issued for Florida Keys as Fred is forecast to strengthen before landfall: What we ...
    USA TODAY on MSN.com, 13 Aug 2021 21:59Z
    The first named storm in a month weakened to a tropical depression, but forecasters say it will gain ...

    'Double trouble': Fred to pass near or west of lower Florida Keys; Tropical
    Storm Grace could be next
    WPLG Local 10, 13 Aug 2021 21:13Z

    Tropical storm warning issued for Florida Keys as Fred takes aim at state
    Orlando Sentinel, 13 Aug 2021 11:32Z
    Tropical Depression Fred is moving northwest from Cuba, and should regain
    its tropical storm status in the next 12 hours.

    Hurricane Hunter Finds Fred Very Near Tropical Storm Strength
    CBS Miami, 13 Aug 2021 03:41Z

    Tropical Storm Fred forms, continues path toward Florida
    WESH 2 Orlando, 11 Aug 2021 03:17Z

    Australian researchers say they've solved a decades-old quantum computing problem
    ABC Science, 13 Aug 2021 18:55Z
    A team of Australian researchers has proposed a new way of controlling
    mns of qubits, which is a fundamental step toward building powerful
    quantum computers.

    China holds competition for public to come up with three-child policy
    slogans. But it's backfiring
    ABC News, 13 Aug 2021 19:53Z
    After the chilly reception of the three-child policy, China's family
    planning body is offering prizes to those who suggest the best propaganda slogans to encourage more births.

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