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    Hi all,

    I am currently a sophomore environmental science major focusing on sustainability, I have a minor in chemistry and am about to add a minor in biology.

    I'm interested in engaging and impacting current global issues and concepts such as climate change, fire ecology/water tables (fires & water use), pollution (my top pick), deforestation, loss of animal diversity + habitats, etc)

    I want to attend grad school for environmental toxicology but I want to keep my options open always

    I've taken/will take a wide-variety of classes including GIS, water resources, energy resources, plant science, rangeland ecology and OCHEM 1&2)

    About to complete my first internship at the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in the anti-Human Trafficking department.

    I am in a fraternity where I hope to run for an officer position next spring. I am the current president of my schools sustainability organization where I have also served as an officer. In addition I am affiliated / in the officer team for 4
    separate organizations (two departmental, two non-departmental) and plan on running for student government. // I know this will be a red flag for a lot of people, quality over quantity is always important, but I have personally been successful at
    maintaining a work-life balance and find that I have more time to devote to more organizations, especially because not all of these organizations will meet often. For example, my sustainability organization only meets for events and monthly meetings.


    What are some genuine ways that I could improve my resume (aside from GPA), that I can impact both myself and others around me and overall just improve myself and my chances at being successful in the environmental science field. Part of me just feels
    like I'm not doing enough to prepare myself for my future in this field, and I don't think I can feel satisfied until I have approval from others who are just as passionate about /and or/ are experienced in this field.


    Thank you guys so incredibly much for any comments, critiquing or otherwise, it puts my mind at rest.

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