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    The Dept of Commerce/NOAA has updated its NOAATEMP data series to the
    end of Jun 2021.

    A slew of records fell in the month, mostly related to the N Hem. But
    global land temps also averaged +1.1C relative to the baseline
    (roughly 1980s avgs) scoring another new record.

    The warmest region was NoPo land (as usual) with temps almost 1.8C
    above normal. But competition there is so tough that seemingly YUGE
    value only scored a 3rd place.

    In the JAN-JUN year-to-date stakes land in the N Temp Zone averaged
    almost 1.3C above the baseline, but there are 5 previous years that
    averaged higher.

    The full list of regional temps are as follows:

    Temps for June:
    Region Rank Anom
    (/142) (deg C rel ~1980s avgs)
    L.NTemp 1 1.634634 <--- record
    L.NHem 1 1.381654 <--- record
    NTemp 1 1.316989 <--- record
    L.Gl 1 1.100742 <--- record
    O.NTemp 1 1.036016 <--- record
    O.STemp 2 0.184442
    L.NoPo 3 1.794542
    STemp 3 0.194455
    NHem 4 0.883092
    Gl 5 0.566844
    NoPo 6 1.305779
    L.Trpcs 6 0.778072
    O.NHem 7 0.578804
    O.Gl 7 0.366428
    Shem 8 0.229717
    O.Shem 9 0.199084
    Trpcs 10 0.375717
    L.Shem 12 0.390722
    O.NoPo 13 0.688154
    O.Trpcs 14 0.253444
    L.STemp 22 0.366933
    O.SoPo 88 -0.465254
    SoPo 109 -0.718802
    L.SoPo 109 -1.563869

    JAN-JUN Year-To-Date Avg Temps:
    Region Rank Anom
    (/142) (deg C rel ~1980s avgs)
    O.NTemp 2 0.778019
    NTemp 3 1.0078
    STemp 4 0.228143
    O.STemp 4 0.21954
    L.NTemp 5 1.26591
    L.NHem 6 1.0843
    L.Gl 6 0.872597
    NHem 6 0.744082
    O.NHem 7 0.53497
    Gl 8 0.461137
    O.Gl 8 0.308913
    L.Trpcs 10 0.659458
    O.NoPo 11 1.10328
    O.Shem 11 0.138401
    L.STemp 12 0.376322
    Shem 13 0.169506
    L.Shem 17 0.33838
    Trpcs 18 0.259484
    NoPo 19 0.797478
    O.Trpcs 24 0.137934
    L.NoPo 25 0.596048
    O.SoPo 87 -0.380423
    SoPo 95 -0.430864
    L.SoPo 99 -0.629951

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