• jun 2021: GL -.01 #19/43; NH +.30 #3; SH -.32 #37: UAH LT v6

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    The UAH/Cristy have updated their sat estimate of atm temps.

    The headline "lower troposphere" LT series for the atm 3-10 km above
    sea level averaged -.01C for the month, ranking 19th out of 43 years
    in the series. The "0" for the LT is approx the 2000s avg temps for
    each region.

    While NZ was seeing record high temps on the ground, and parts of AUS registered 6th to 8th warmest in more than a century of records, it
    seems the atm above the main greenhouse region in the atm around 2 km up was seeing very much cooler temps at around .3C below 2000s avg temps
    ranking new the bottom of the data series for that hemisphere.

    OTOH the NH was +.3C and ranking 3rd-warmest June for the series in
    that region with new records on the surface and in the LT for the US48
    and Hawaii. The atm above Alaska only managed around #3 warmest on record.

    Despite the terrible terrible cold sweeping the Americas, Europe and
    Russia some regions were seeing new top10 records. And a few regions
    even set new records for the month.

    New top10 items for Jun 2021:

    Region Rank Anom (rel ~2000s temps)
    USA48 1 1.44 <- new record
    USA49 1 1.28 <- new record
    NoExtLand 1 0.67 <- new record
    NHLand 1 0.53 <- new record
    NoExt 1 0.52 <- new record
    NoPolLand 3 0.75
    NoPol 3 0.63
    NoExtOcean 3 0.39
    NH 3 0.30
    NoPolOcean 6 0.51
    NHOcean 7 0.16
    GlobeLand 8 0.18

    According to the UAH release the global LT continues to warm around
    1.4C per century; the NH 1.6 C/cent and the SH 1.1 C/cent. The atm
    above the US48 is warming around 1.7 C/cent according to series.

    They also have similar series for higher parts of the atm that show
    the classical AGW pattern -- levels closest to the surface are warming
    faster (because it's under the 2 km "half-silvered mirror" region in
    the amt that is bouncing increasing amounts of heat radiation back
    down to Earth rather than letting it get straight out to space); those
    in the middle atm is warming very slowly; and the stratosphere is
    cooling faster than the surface is warming.

    According to my calculations the UAH LS series is showing a 2.0 deg/C
    cooling and the UAH MT series a 0.10 C/cent warming.

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