• canada reports dozens of deaths linked with heatwave

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    Numbers vary depending on whether local officials just note
    a death that happened to occur during the heatwave
    and those that look for signs of heat stress in the victim.

    But the lower number cited below may be the most accurate.

    It's possible to calculate the number just based on how many
    degrees the temp is above normal for this time of year.
    I won't bother with that exercise at this point.

    Canada heat wave: More than 230 deaths reported in British ...
    CNN, 30 Jun 2021 0:50Z
    More than 230 deaths have been reported in British Columbia since Fri as
    a historic heat wave brought record-high temperatures, officials said
    Tue. The province's chief coroner called it ...

    Sweltering heat wave linked to sudden deaths in Vancouver
    ABC, 30 Jun 2021 03:06Z
    Canadian police say a sweltering heat wave that has settled over western
    Canada for several days is ...

    BREAKING (30 Jun): Vancouver has reported 60 "sudden deaths" linked with the unprecedented heatwave.

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    [BANG! Under the bus!]
    Northwest heat wave wilts new GOP climate resolve
    POLITICO, 30 Jun 2021 02:27Z
    A week ago, 3 lawmakers from the Northwest joined dozens of their
    Republican colleagues in creating the new Conservative Climate Caucus to
    show they ...

    COVID-positive NSW govt minister blasts vaccine rollout as 'abysmal'
    ABC New England, 30 Jun 2021 01:41Z
    A week into his COVID-enforced isolation, Adam Marshall has described the federal govt's handling of the rollout as "a shambles".

    [NSW case numbers still accelerating:]
    NSW records 22 new COVID-19 cases on day 5 of lockdown
    ABC News, 30 Jun 2021 01:40Z
    NSW records 22 new COVID-19 cases on day 5 of its lockdown, as the
    govt announces mandatory QR code check-ins for a swathe of new venues
    including schools and offices.

    For the first time, anyone entering NSW from Qld must fill in a border declaration pass
    ABC Gold Coast, 30 Jun 2021 02:36Z
    The border declaration pass is a first for border residents -- who
    need passes to enter both Queensland and NSW. Anxious business owners
    say the new rule is "mystifying and confusing".
    [Alice Springs will go into lockdown after it was discovered a fly-in
    miner who tested -ve on arrival later developed covid symptoms and all
    his house-mates have tested +ve].

    [Money & political connections:]
    Australia's borders 'not genuinely closed': Queensland's Deputy Premier
    takes aim at federal govt's arrivals policy
    ABC News, 30 Jun 2021 02:56Z
    Queensland's Deputy Premier is doubling down on his criticism of the Commonwealth's overseas arrivals policy after it was revealed a person going between Indonesia and Australia had passed on the Delta variant to a 19-year-old hospital worker prompting a three-day lockdown.

    Queensland COVID cluster linked to international traveller 'allowed to come
    and go' as 3 new cases recorded
    ABC News, 30 Jun 2021 0:42Z
    Queensland records 3 new community cases of COVID-19 on the first day of
    lockdown as it is revealed the latest cluster of the virus stemmed from a
    person who had travelled in and out of the country "several" times during
    the pandemic.

    COVID-positive family allowed to fly into South Australia from South-East
    Asia on private plane
    ABC News, 30 Jun 2021 01:39Z
    Health and govt authorities approved a COVID-positive family to fly in
    from overseas to Australia last week on a privately-funded medevac flight,
    despite ongoing calls to limit the number of overseas arrivals.

    Heart inflammation after COVID-19 shots higher-than-expected in study of
    US military
    Yahoo News, 29 Jun 2021 19:32Z
    Members of the US military who were vaccinated against COVID-19 showed higher-than-expected rates of heart inflammation, although the condition was still ...

    Scientists say there's no life on Venus - but Jupiter has potential
    CBS News, 29 Jun 2021 18:31Z

    Russian fighters harassed Dutch frigate in Black Sea: defense ministry
    Business Insider, 29 Jun 2021 17:29Z
    Russian fighters harassed the Dutch frigate HNLMS Eversten in the Black Sea
    for hours last week, the Dutch defense ministry said Tue. During the
    incident ...

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