• Siberia sees 48C

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    We're gittin used of da poles been 10C above normal, 20C above normal,
    eben 30C abob normal.

    But when the temps approach Death Valley normal then sommin is off!

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    Ground Temperatures Hit 118 Degrees in the Arctic Circle
    Gizmodo, 22 Jun 2021 13:06Z
    Newly published satellite imagery shows the ground temperature in at least
    one location in Siberia topped 118 degrees Fahrenheit
    (48 degrees Celsius) going ...

    Upcoming events:
    9 Jul 2021 NOAA bn Dollar Disasters Q2

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    Grand Canyon hiker from Ohio dies in extreme 115-degree heat
    New York Post, 22 Jun 2021 14:05Z
    Michelle Meder was on a backpacking trip over several days with friends when she became disoriented Sat along the Hermit Trail in Arizona's Grand ...

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    Atmospheric river set to fuel a wet week
    ABC Weather, 22 Jun 2021 08:47Z
    A cold front and tropical moisture are teaming up to drag rain all the way across the desert to the east coast this week.

    Climate Fight Brews as SEC Moves Toward Mandate for Risk Disclosure
    Wall Street Journal, 21 Jun 2021
    The Securities and Exchange Commission is preparing to require public
    companies to disclose more information about how they ...

    Climate models predicted heatwaves like America's record-breaking weekend Quartz, 21 Jun 2021
    Scientists are predicting a warmer, drier world. Take a look at America's
    west to see a glimpse of this future.

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    Heatwaves don't lie: Telling the truth about climate change
    The Hill on MSN.com, 21 Jun 2021 16:34Z
    It was 114 degrees Fahrenheit in Phoenix on Sun. Not exactly Father's Day backyard barbeque weather, is it?

    `If you will not agree to be vaccinated, leave the Philippines'; Philippine president threatens to arrest vaccine refusers
    WGHP, 22 Jun 2021 11:27Z
    The Philippine president has threatened to order the arrest of Filipinos who refuse COVID-19 vaccination and told them to ...

    Aliens 'cover up' because of 'free energy' which would RUIN oil ...
    Express, 14 June 2017
    Corrupt world leaders are sitting on "alien technology" which could provide cost free renewable energy to the world, according to Dr Steven Greer ...

    The coming era of unlimited - and free - clean energy
    WaPo, 19 Sept 2014
    In the 1980s, leading consultants were skeptical about cellular phones. The
    handsets were heavy, batteries didn't last long, coverage was patchy, and
    the cost per minute was exorbitant. The experts are saying the same about
    solar energy now. They say that solar is inefficient, too expensive to
    install, and unreliable, and will fail without govt subsidies.

    Brand new UFO footage shot from US Navy ship will be released soon
    TweakTown, 22 Jun 2021 11:02Z
    A UFO investigation is being conducted by a network that has said it will be releasing a new UFO video shot from a US Navy ship.

    UFO filmed `travelling 106mph & only seen on thermal camera' by police helicopter in Wales as UK gov told to come clean
    The Sun, 22 Jun 2021 12:09Z
    A UFO which appeared to travelling around 106mph and is said to have been
    only visible on a thermal camera was filmed by a ...

    `If we're right, it is the biggest secret in history': Chicago UFO buffs Chicago Tribune, 22 Jun 2021 10:04Z
    await release of Pentagon report into unexplained sightings
    An upcoming report that doesn't rule out extraterrestrial technology is
    making for heady days for locals who for years have ...

    Editorial: If there are aliens in those UFOs, they must not like us
    The LA Times on MSN.com, 22 Jun 2021 10:04Z
    A forthcoming Pentagon report neither confirms nor rules out the possibility
    of UFOs. But why would they come all this way ...

    Senator Marco Rubio Says Pentagon UFO Report Will Leave Many Questions Unanswered
    foxbangor, 21 Jun 2021 19:09Z
    Senator Marco Rubio, one of the driving forces behind the
    highly-anticipated Pentagon report on UFOs, says he's not expecting
    stunning conclusions, but adds getting to the bottom of the mystery is ... [Elsewhere, the BV says a UFO report supposedly made by an airline to
    the FBI concerning a fast-moving cylindrical object earlier this y has apparently been "lost". An FOIA to the agency has come up with "no
    documents found". Meaning despite juicy leaks by insiders and a
    recent tendency for swift verification from the Pentagon, there is no
    new openness; reports to authorities continue to be hidden from the public].

    NHC Monitoring Tropical Wave East of T&T As Adverse Weather Alert Issued
    CNC3, 21 Jun 2021 23:00Z
    Trinidad and Tobago will be under an Adverse Weather Alert (Yellow Level)
    from 11:00 AM Tue through 5:00 PM Wed due ...

    Int'l - An acceleration of coastal overtopping around the world coastalnewstoday.com, 22 Jun 2021 03:59Z
    The combination of sea level rise, tides, storm surge and waves has
    increased the overtopping of natural and artificial ...

    Claudette a tropical storm again as it treks toward Atlantic Canada
    The Weather Network on MSN.com, 22 Jun 2021 04:57Z

    Why frequency of extreme weather events is growing and putting India's
    coasts at risk
    The Indian Express, 21 Jun 2021 14:56Z
    Intense cyclones such as Tauktae, heavy rains and sea level rise are overlapping as climate warms. The country should conduct ...

    Watchdog finds 'culture of excessive force', misconduct among Victorian
    prison staff
    ABC News, 22 Jun 2021 08:33Z
    Victoria's prison system is at risk of ongoing corruption and misconduct,
    the state's anti-corruption watchdog finds, ahead of an independent review
    into workplace culture.

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