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    Polar bear early-warning system goes live in Canada

    Jonathan Wilson
    June 17, 2021

    A pilot project in Canada dedicated to the protection of polar bears,
    a threatened animal species, is now under way with the help of a
    German sensor company.

    Sensor solutions company Hensoldt - based in Taufkirchen, Germany -
    has made its technology available for the protection of threatened
    species. The company has signed an agreement with the charitable
    organisation Polar Bears International to initiate a pilot project
    featuring a sensor-based early warning system that alerts people to
    the imminent arrival of polar bears in human settlements, thus giving
    those communities more notice and time to mitigate negative

    The pilot project, called 'Polar Bear Warning Radar' (PoWR), will be
    operated by Polar Bears International in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada -
    the 'Polar Bear Capital of the World' - on the shores of Hudson Bay.

    Polar bears live on the surface of the Arctic sea ice where they
    travel, mate, sometimes den and hunt ringed and bearded seals, their
    main prey. In the Hudson Bay region, climate warming is causing sea
    ice to melt earlier in the summer and freeze later in the autumn,
    forcing polar bears to fast on land for ever-longer periods. As a
    result, polar bears in this region of the Arctic are spending
    approximately one month longer on land, without access to their main
    food sources.

    As a consequence of these longer fasting periods, polar bears are
    coming into human communities more often in search of food. Many
    communities have wildlife managers, who rely on people seeing polar
    bears and notifying them so that actions can be taken to protect both
    community members and the polar bears. However, visual observations
    are limited, especially at night and during storms.


    Polar Bears International?s (PBI) mission is to conserve polar bears
    and the sea ice on which they depend. PBI is the only non-profit
    organisation dedicated solely to wild polar bears and Arctic sea ice
    and is a recognised leader in polar bear conservation.

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