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    UW has updated its PIOMAS sat estimate of Arctic seaice volume to the
    end of May. They find May averaged around 21520 km3, ranking
    7th-lowest in the modern record.

    The YTD avg seaice is ~20080 km3 raking 3rd lowest for the period.

    Combining PIOMAS and NASA's estimate of seaice extent gives an avg
    Arctic thickness of around 1.7m for the month, ranking 4th-lowest in
    the dataset. May Arctic seaice is currently thinning around 1.7 cm/yr.

    The YTD avg thickness is around 1.46m ranking 5th lowest in the sat era.

    The various top10 lists are updated as follows:

    Arctic seaice volume (000s km3):
    Year May
    2017 19.834
    2019 21.004
    2016 21.026
    2011 21.139
    2018 21.429
    2020 21.457
    2021 21.520 <-- new #7
    2012 21.714
    2013 21.865
    2014 21.913

    Arctic seaice avg thickness (m):
    2017 1.5704
    2011 1.6671
    2012 1.6690
    2013 1.6819
    2021 1.6998 <-- new #5
    2019 1.7231
    2014 1.7254
    2010 1.7267
    2020 1.7388
    2018 1.7522

    YTD (Jan-May) avg PIOMAS volume (000s km3):
    2017 18.4162
    2018 19.8358
    2021 20.0798 <-- new #3
    2011 20.1110
    2016 20.3572
    2019 20.3712
    2013 20.4136
    2020 20.4302
    2012 20.6456
    2014 20.7812

    YTD (Jan-May) avg thickness (m):
    2017 1.3566
    2013 1.4452
    2012 1.4535
    2011 1.4562
    2021 1.4610 <-- new #5
    2018 1.4785
    2020 1.4834
    2014 1.4964
    2019 1.5010
    2016 1.5114

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    BREAKING (9 Jun). The Vic govt has announced there was only 1 new
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    the 2 wk lockdown to battle the Delta variant of covid will be relaxed
    but not totally lifted on Thu. The travel range in Melbourne will
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    restrictions removed completely.

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