• May 2021: australia unusually dry and .51C above normal; sooo coold!

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    In brief

    * May rainfall was well below average for Australia as a whole
    * Rainfall for the month was below average for most of northern Australia,
    the west of New South Wales and Victoria, Tasmania, southern South Australia,
    and the east of Western Australia
    * Rainfall for the month was above average for the west of Western Australia,
    eastern Victoria and south-eastern New South Wales
    * Mean maximum temperatures for May were warmer than average for most of
    Australia, but close to average for much of New South Wales, southern
    Queensland and South Australia
    * Mean minimum temperatures for May were warmer than average for most of
    Western Australia, but cooler than average for the Kimberley and large parts
    of the Northern Territory, and scattered areas of the eastern mainland,
    mostly in inland New South Wales

    Areal avg temps
    Anom Rank
    AUS +.51 26
    QLD +.39 36
    NSW +.10 48
    VIC +.36 29
    TAS -.12 =56
    SA +.34 =42
    WA +1.05 15
    NT +.07 44


    Area avg rainfall
    Agv Rank Departure from avg
    (mm) (/122)
    AUS 17.8 40 -39%
    QLD 7 17 -77
    NSW 27.7 48 -43
    VIC 56 61 -16
    TAS 94.5 29 -30
    SA 9.1 =29 -57
    WA 28.9 82 +9
    NT 0.8 9 -94 (new top10)
    MDB 19.9 29 -55

    Upcoming events:
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    [Sooo Cooold!]
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