• UN: world needs to rewild on massive scale to stop agw

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    *World must rewild on massive scale to heal nature and climate, says UN

    Patrick Greenfield, The Guardian via Carbon Brief

    A joint report published by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and
    the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) calls on the world to
    rewild and restore an area the size of China in order to meet
    commitments on nature and the climate, reports the Guardian. In
    launching a "decade on ecosystem restoration", the UN bodies say they
    are issuing an urgent call for the large-scale revival of nature in
    farmlands, forests and other ecosystems. The report says that
    govts must deliver on a commitment to restore at least 1bn
    hectares (2.47bn acres) of land by 2030 and make a similar pledge for
    the oceans, says the Guardian. It adds: "Half the world's GDP is
    dependent on nature and the degradation of ecosystems is affecting
    about 40% of the world's population already, threatening human health, livelihoods and food security, according to the foreword written by
    the UNEP executive director, Inger Andersen, and the FAO
    director-general, Qu Dongyu." The i newspaper says: "[The report]
    estimates the nature restoration required to stem biodiversity loss
    will cost at least 141bn ($200bn) a year by 2030. But it stresses
    that for every USD spent on nature restoration, humans will reap
    up to $30 in economic benefits such as improved pollination, cleaner
    air and water, and less extreme weather events." Reuters quotes Tim Christophersen, who leads UNEP's nature for climate branch, who tells
    the newswire: "[Rehabilitating 1bn hectares would require] a
    completely different mindset#away from small projects to a scaled-up
    effort. It's essential for our biodiversity and climate change
    targets, but also for many of the sustainable development goals."

    Upcoming events:
    9 Jul 2021 NOAA bn Dollar Disasters Q2

    [Black Knightin It!]
    Tokyo Olympics chief rules out delay despite pandemic fears, as 10,000 volunteers quit
    ABC News, 03 Jun 2021 08:24Z
    The president of the Tokyo 2020 organising committee rules out a
    cancellation or further postponement of the Olympics, as doubts swirl
    among city govts and medical professionals whether the event can
    be held safely during the pandemic.

    China, Russia ... or aliens? Unidentified aerial sightings remain a mystery
    to US intelligence
    ABC News, 04 Jun 2021 04:33Z
    US intelligence officials have found no evidence that a series of
    unidentified aerial phenomena observed by navy aviators in recent years were alien spacecraft, but the sightings remain unexplained in a highly
    anticipated govt report.
    [Their Facebook page didnt say who they are!]

    Cooling effect of clouds 'underestimated' by climate models, says new study Carbon Brief, 03 Jun 2021 15:58Z
    Clouds could have a greater cooling effect on the planet than climate models currently suggest, according to new research. The paper, published in Nature ...

    Delta COVID strain that devastated India now detected in Australian community ABC News, 04 Jun 2021 01:48Z
    Genomic sequencing identified the "Delta" strain in 2 cases in Melbourne,
    which is the first time it has been detected outside of hotel quarantine.

    Whistleblower threatens run for Congress if Pentagon UFO report watered down New York Post, 03 Jun 2021 21:26Z
    If the report turns out to be as watered down as he thinks it will be, this former Dept of Defense employee is planning ...

    [We Know Nothing, Nothiing!]
    Government Report Finds No Evidence U.F.O.s Were Alien Spacecraft
    The New York Times, 04 Jun 2021 0:39Z
    The report determines that a vast majority of more than 120 incidents over
    the past ... Americans' long-running fascination with U.F.O.s has
    intensified in recent ... who was with the Navy for 10 years, told The New
    York Times in an interview,...

    Bombshell Pentagon UFO report `finds no evidence' Navy sightings are aliens
    but CAN'T explain what mystery...
    The Sun, 04 Jun 2021 0:45Z
    of the 120 sightings made by US Navy personnel over the past 2 decades
    were not American military or other govt technology, the New
    York Times...

    [Not Just Pets:]
    100 galahs found dead near cemetery collateral damage from mouse plague
    ABC Central West, 3 JunJune at 9:24pm
    Toxicology results have confirmed a growing number of birds in western
    New South Wales are dying from mouse baits.

    National shortage of antidote as mouse plague sees huge spike in poisoned pets
    NSW Country Hour, 03 Jun 2021 10:21Z
    Australia is facing a critical shortage of the antidote used to treat
    poisoned animals amid heavy use in plague-affected areas.
    [Wait until they intro new mouse virus bio-controls].

    Christian Pakistani couple accused of blasphemy given reprieve after
    seven years on death row
    ABC News, 3 JunJune at 10:11pm
    A Pakistani court overturns the death sentence of a Christian couple
    in a blasphemy case, acquitting them for lack of evidence after they
    had spent 7 years on death row.

    New quarantine hub to be built in Victoria, site yet to be confirmed
    ABC News, 3 JunJune at 10:48pm
    The Victorian govt and the Commonwealth have reached a deal for
    a purpose-built quarantine facility at either Mickleham or Avalon.
    [After 25 quarantine hotel breaches the fed govt admits something
    needs to change].

    'Reliable, lovable and respectable': How Xi Jinping wants to change the
    way China is seen by the world
    ABC News, 03 Jun 2021 23:53Z
    After several years of a noticeably more assertive shift in China's
    diplomatic and media tone, Xi Jinping has dropped the first hint that
    the country's confrontational style needs adjustment, writes Bill Birtles.

    Sharks Nearly Went Extinct 19 Million Years Ago From Mystery Event
    The New York Times, 03 Jun 2021 19:10Z
    Analysis of the fossil record shows a mysterious mass extinction that
    decimated the diversity of sharks in the world's oceans, and they've
    never fully recovered.

    Scientists Successfully Entangled Quantum 'Memories'. What?
    VICE, 03 Jun 2021 13:08Z
    In the latest advance towards a quantum internet, scientists entangled "memories" located in separate labs.

    Heat sets records in inland California as coasts stay cool
    Los Angeles Times, 03 Jun 2021 19:07Z
    Redding recorded a record temperature for the date of 109 degrees on
    Mon as a heat wave baked much of inland California.

    'Next big wave': Radiation drugs track and kill cancer cells
    The Associated Press, 03 Jun 2021 22:07Z
    Doctors are reporting improved survival in men with advanced prostate
    cancer from an experimental drug that delivers radiation directly to
    tumor cells. Few such ...

    [Value For Money!]
    A consultancy firm paid $660,000 provided no 'specific advice' on
    Australia's COVID-19 vaccine strategy
    ABC/7.30, 03 Jun 2021 07:25Z
    The federal govt has relied on private consultancy firms for
    advice on a range of complex issues, including the vaccine rollout,
    but there's growing scrutiny over the lack of transparency around the
    advice provided.

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