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    -*How to come up with a topic relevant for interdisciplinary environmental studies, linking my experience in env. law with other disciplines?*
    -*What are relevant issues in Env. studies?*

    *(My experience: transboundary harm, migratory species, traditional environmental knowledge. I also gravitate towards nuclear waste disposal or climate change <though they are quite broad and popular>)*


    I am considering applying for several Masters programs abroad (I m not from the US) in Env. Studies (not Science). Those are multidisciplinary, involve some science, policy, law, management, economics. I had some experience with international
    environmental law through awards in Moot courts.

    [My research topics involved transboundary harm, migratory species, traditional environmental knowledge. On the other hand, I worked in Big4 as a legal consultant, with direct involvement in projects on desertification resulting from oil drilling.]

    In my research proposal due in July I need to choose a topic that could link to my legal background. I hope this will enable me to somehow justify my transition into Env. Studies. I would appreciate any insights from those involved in similar programs /
    who had a similar experience. My research topic should gravitate towards interdisciplinary scope, combining law/policy aspects with Env Sc. Having searched on my own, I found nuclear waste disposal, the climate change framework worth looking at.

    My chances of getting into are quite low, esp. compared to overproductive applicants with directly relevant backgrounds, though it's worth trying.

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