• Hacking structural analysis. Join the crew.

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    Dont panic!, this post has nothing to do with evil crackers who want to take control of computers that manage nuclear weapons, it's rather about work (good hard work) and freedom.

    Almost everyone like music, but it's less common to be aware of the theory (harmony. notation, counterpoint,...) that lies behind the sounds. This post is about structural analysis that, in some way, is to structures (bridges, tunnels, buildings,...) as
    counterpoint is to music.

    For structural engineers, computing is (or must be) just another discipline (like mathematics, physics or geotechnics). Implementation of structural analysis programs as practical applications of computing must not be beyond our reach.

    Rise of free and open source (FOSS) software allow engineering community to develop its own applications (and regain leadership over their discipline) without having to reinvent the wheel.

    Continue reading here: https://sites.google.com/site/xcfemanalysis/project-updates/hackingstructuralanalysisjointhecrew

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