• Pb content in galvanizing ash

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    Our company is specializing in designing, manufacturing, installing, commisioning galvanizing line. Our engineers are trained in German, and currently we have expanded our business to Australia, Russia, India and so on. Adopting the German technology,
    our hot dip galvanizing line is the best with advanced technology.

    Our company mainly business scope is as follows:
    1) The design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and training of the hot dip galvanizing lines, redesign and improve of the old galvanizing plants.
    1. Jobbing galvanizing line for construction parts: such as steel tower , tube tower parts, high rails and lighting poles , etc.

    The video hot dip galvanizing plant https://youtu.be/lnH_1V9VrRE
    2. Galvanizing lines for steel tubes:suitable for 1/2"-8" steel tube.

    3. Galvanizing lines for small parts:suitable for bolts, nuts and other small parts.

    2) The related chemical preprocessing of products and alloy

    Our main products are : chemical pretreatment tanks, galvanizing furnace, zinc kettle, utilisation of fuel gas from the fuel furnace, drying pit.
    Steel plate boiler specialmaterials zinc are low Si, low C, with a suitable amount ofMn, steel construction can

    welding. The zinc kettle can fight the collision of zinc, and can withstand high temperature.
    The chemical components are:

    Components C Si Mn P S AL
    Max% 0.08 0.02 0.50 0.015 0.010 0.040
    Practical number 0.047 0.003 0.42 0.008 0.0058 0.024
    The zinc kettle life is decided by the iron loss is related to the loss of iron zinc boiler temperature and life
    boiler zinc:
    438 ° C: 14;years
    450 ° C: 10;years
    460 ° C: 8years;
    480 ° C: 6;years
    490 ° C: 4.3 years;
    495 ° C: 2.9 years;
    510 ° C: 18 days.

    We are professional manufacturer for galvanizing kettle, can provide high quality product for you, welcome inquiry.

    Thickness : 50mm,60mm

    Skype:cntang6688 Whatsapp:008615610120989

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