• 11.9 Bolt Grade

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    Careful here. The original bolt spec was in kg.mm-2, lots of folks simply read it as MPa, but the conversion isn't a straight 10, but 9.80665. Thus grade 10 isn't 1000 MPa, but 980.665MPa. Most times, this doesn't matter.
    if it does, it'll bite you.
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    11.9/ 12.9 grades are basically metric grade materials. It would help if
    see DIN standards. They were the originators of these specs. And it
    might be
    of interest to note that , first digit indicates the approx ultimate >strength in n/mm2 (12.9 - has 120 n/mm2, if you multiply the first no.
    second no. you will get the approx yield strength - 12x9- 108 n/mm2).
    this will be of some help.
    Best of Luck.

    You are close to the right answer. But imagine the size of the bolts
    that would be needed to hold something more powerful ;-).
    Multiply all your results by 10 and you have the right values. Means:

    An 11.9 bolt is able to hold 1100 N/mm^2 (at least), while the
    yielding strength is 11 * 9 * 10 = 990 N/mm^2.
    This fabric is bend by 9 % by the time it breaks.

    Best Regards
    Daniel Kohl

    11.9 grade is found in ASTM F-2882/F-2882M.

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