• Interested in Metallurgy

    From Richard Smith@21:1/5 to All on Tue Apr 12 03:47:44 2016
    A "Degree" in Materials Science / Metallurgy.
    You bust your brain around science fundamentals for the first two
    years, with increasing amounts of specific metallurgy building-in.
    Final year is kind-of the "flowering" of the course - you sweep out
    across applied metallurgy explaining the scientific basis of many
    metals processes.
    In the first year there was introduction to the must underlying things
    which make a metal a metal - crystal structure and "sea of electrons"
    theory leading into dislocation theory and the explanation of why
    metals have plasticity (they can be deformed without harm), etc.
    Second year it's layering-on more.
    It is a long path.
    Working in a testing laboratory, all the metals property stuff will
    make sense. Working in a testing laboratory and only being able to
    study part-time, the path will be very long.
    If you want a technical career, that will become your way-of-life - a
    journey, where the value of the journey is where it's at and the end
    is a pretext to give structure.
    In my less-than-humble opinion...

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  • From Rhett Paulson@21:1/5 to All on Wed Apr 6 00:18:02 2016
    So I am currently a lab technician at a materials testing facility and the company is looking to hire a metallurgist in the far future and was kind of interested in the position, though i am not a metallurgist. I did a little research online to find out how to become a metallurgist and from what ive found i need a degree in Engineering and Materials Science....is this the
    case? Is that just the tip of the iceburg? I was hoping i could get some
    advice from some of you ACTUAL Metallurgists on which path i should be taking or what not. Thanks in advance!

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