• Flight attendants accuse Delta Air Lines of anti-Semitism in lawsuit

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    Delta Air Lines has it out for Jewish and Israeli workers, as
    well as people traveling to Israel, according to a new Brooklyn
    federal discrimination lawsuit.

    The four current and former flight attendants allege in
    Tuesday's suit that management has an "anti-Jewish, Hebrew, and
    ethnic Israeli attitude."

    The carrier's brass allegedly presumes Jewish and Israeli
    workers and passengers "cannot be trusted, are aggressive and
    inappropriate, and engage in what are deemed to be 'strange'
    behaviors by conducting prayers on the flight and requiring
    special dietary accommodations (kosher meals)."

    The lawsuit says Delta also launches "targeted enforcement
    actions" against attendants who share their companion travel
    passes with Jewish travelers bound for Tel Aviv.

    One attendant said she got probation and a suspension on her
    travel pass privileges for hooking up a longtime friend with a
    Tel Aviv pass. The experience was so bad, she said she had to
    stop working the Tel Aviv flight. Two of the others were scared
    to share their passes, the suit said.

    Delta Air Lines said it "strongly condemns the allegations of
    discrimination described in this suit and will defend itself
    vigorously against them."

    "As a global airline that brings people across the world
    together every day, Delta values diversity in all aspects of its
    business and has zero tolerance for discrimination," the carrier

    http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/flight-attendants- accuse-delta-air-lines-anti-semitism-suit-article-1.3733729

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