• Delta Airlines passenger charged with punching, biting flight attendant

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    A Delta Airlines passenger accused of turning an international
    flight into a booze-fueled fight was arrested on federal assault

    Ires Alves Pereira was charged Wednesday with punching, kicking
    and biting three flight attendants during a Monday flight from
    Brazil to Kennedy Airport.

    Brooklyn federal court papers claim Pereira was drinking on the
    Delta flight and then started up with her unlucky cabinmate.

    The Manhattan resident with dual American and Brazilian
    citizenship allegedly hit her neighbor in the face before the
    dust-up spilled into the aisle.

    When flight attendants approached, Pereira attacked them —
    leading onlookers to jump in and try to restrain the 40-year-
    old, prosecutors said.

    One man got his eyeglasses smashed up in the process.

    The belligerent jetsetter was eventually secured in her seat.

    The three attendants were taken to the hospital for medical

    Pereira was released Wednesday on a $100,000 bond. Magistrate
    Judge Roanne Mann ordered Pereira to undergo evaluation and
    treatment for alcohol use as one of the conditions of release.

    She’d been in custody ever since the flight, and was handed her
    roll-along luggage after the arraignment.

    Pereira flashed smiles at the federal agents as they returned
    her belongings, but she put on sunglasses and left the
    courthouse without commenting.

    http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/delta-passenger-charged- punching-biting-flight-attendants-article-1.3667880

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