• Tech Blackout: Huge solar storm which could WIPE OUT modern technol

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    TECH BLACKOUT: Huge solar storm which could WIPE OUT
    modern technology expected by 2020

    There is a one in eight chance that the Earth will be hit
    by a huge solar storm by 2020 which could potentially
    leave the world without Internet, phone service and many
    more services that modern-day humans rely on.

    Daily Express, express.co.uk
    Wednesday, November 30, 2016


    Jai Maharaj, Jyotishi
    Om Shanti


    The aspect which worries me is that such a storm could take out a
    large proportion of the world's power transformers. This is an event
    that cannot be lightly dismissed when you realise that it takes up to
    18 months to build and deliver the biggest ones. Can you imagine the
    panic, rush and the waiting time if half the world's transformers have
    to be replaced? Deaths are likely to run into the millions.

    Can they build them without power? Or, after all their electronics have
    been fried?

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