• The Venus Project

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    The Venus Project is the creation of Jacque Fresco, who for six decades
    has been creating a new vision for humanity in harmony with the
    environment. His boundless imagination spans virtually all technologies
    and social and economic systems. The Venus Project is located on 25
    acres in south central Florida and currently consists of 8 concrete dome structures utilized for residences, laboratories and model shops. The
    web site for the Venus Project is located at http://www.nas.com/venus

    We Should Develop a Money-less Economy along the Lines of Jacques Fresco’s “Resource Based Economy” Idea. One of the Biggest Flaws In Capitalism is That it Requires an Overuse of the Earth’s Resources(By Over Consumption).

    Fresco has many additional Ideas Which are Totally Off Base. He Has Proposed an Anarchy, with No Politicians, This is an Extremist Idea and Wouldn't Work. He Would get Rid of the Military Entirely and Have Almost No Police. He Rightly Sees Social
    Conditioning as a Humongous Factor in Human Development, But He Goes Overboard. No matter how Good the Conditioning of People there Will Inevitably Arise Criminal Individuals and Criminal Groups of Individuals. Fresco has Designed What Can Be Considered
    Sterile Buildings, Without Any Artistic Flare. He proposes All Old Cities to be Destroyed and Replaced With Circular Cites, Another Ridiculous Idea . All in All Fresco’s “Resource Based Economy” is a Great Idea, but the Rest of His System Is Quite

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