• Heart of darkness

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    Heart of darkness

    The Pioneer, dailypioneer.com
    April 12, 2019

    In a truly remarkable feat of astronomy, scientists have
    for the first time taken a picture of a black hole

    Just before the 50th anniversary of man's adventure to the
    moon, scientists have announced that they have successfully
    managed to capture an image of a black hole. This celestial
    object, predicted in so many physics equations all the way
    from Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity, has finally
    been manifest in physical form, albeit in a blurry picture
    that looks like the corona during a solar eclipse. The
    flurry of spherical images and the attendant data are
    helping scientists develop new insights into the mysterious
    environment close to black holes, where the pull of gravity
    is so intense that it has the power to destroy all known
    realities. This will also help us understand the origin of
    jets of radiation that are blasted out from the black holes
    close to the speed of light, creating colourful flashes
    across the cosmos. This is an amazing achievement that also
    highlights just how far astronomical observation has come
    in the 400 years since the invention of the telescope by
    Dutchman Hans Lippershey, not Galileo as many wrongly
    believe. This discovery just highlights why mankind should
    keep on exploring the planets and why this should be a
    global quest.

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    The picture here is completely different than all the other reports on
    this I've seem. What gives?

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