• With 25% growth rate and more, India will become a superpower in 10

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    Arindam Banerjee <banerjee...@gmail.com> posted:

    If they employ the HTN right away they will be a
    superpower in ten years maximum, by 2027 that is. They
    can straight away average a rate of growth of over 25%
    and keep it going for 10 years. Of course, many standard
    economic theories will need to be thrown out, just like
    all the e=mcc nonsense about whose wrongness and
    limitations the world is at last slowly realising.

    New technologies and sound insights make the impossible
    not just easily possible, but inevitable. The existing
    corrupt and terrorising vested interests will put up a
    fight, but hopefully in these days of instant
    communication their powers of mind-control will be much
    lower than their total stranglehold in the last century.

    The Modi Govt. is raising the hope that at last India is
    getting free from the neo-colonialism of the post-1947
    period. Neo-colonialism means having independence but not
    getting to use it, as the leaders are puppets pulled
    around by foreigners and their local agents.

    Let us see. The hydrogen economy is the litmus test. If
    the Modi Govt. uses it, it will be truly patriotic.
    Otherwise, they will just be continuing with the old
    Gandian hypocrisies and lies, idiocies and evils.

    Arindam Banerjee


    Has your HTN been pitched to the Modi government?

    Jai Maharaj, Jyotishi
    Om Shanti


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