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    Shortage of physicists in the public arena is caused by the
    ridiculous e=mcc religion. The snooty pseudo physicists
    stick to their journals and conferences and money wasting
    exercises. In an open public forum their lies cannot work,
    so they have for their representatives incoherent idiots
    making peculiar noises. And some swine, too, unable to
    digest my pearls of wisdom. But there are a few decent
    sorts as well.

    Science Confirms U.S. Scientists Lie More Than Any Other

    By Casey Hendrickson
    Monday, November 22, 2010


    Anyone with the IQ above your basic fecal speck knows that
    global warming no longer exists, and never was the result
    of man-made activity. False science doesn't end there,

    While a large volume of false scientific information is
    distributed in the United States, the problem is much more
    severe than we imagined.

    As it turns out, you are far more likely to be given
    inaccurate (or fabricated) scientific data by American
    scientists, than any other group of scientists in the


    "US scientists are significantly more likely to publish
    fake research than scientists from elsewhere, finds a trawl
    of officially withdrawn (retracted) studies, published
    online in the Journal of Medical Ethics."


    Hmmm . . . how very interesting.

    I remember being told in high school that scientists don't
    make that much money. Times have changed, and science is
    big business now. Have you ever wondered why scientists do
    the stupid studies they do? It's because they get money for
    doing them. Even though we already know kids who drink
    more than four sodas per day tend to bounce off of walls,
    we'll study it anyway to get the money.

    Not only are US scientists more likely to publish false
    data than anyone in the world, but they are more likely to
    be repeat offenders. They are also more likely to have
    their work cited by other publications.

    This explains so much, doesn't it?

    US scientists, in an effort to make money, lie about their
    scientific findings (ala climategate). This false data is
    picked up by numerous publications (NY Times, LA Times,
    WaPo, etc.), and is reprinted as if it were fact. Now
    millions of Americans are convinced of some scientific
    finding that is not rooted in fact. To make matters worse,
    when the data is proven to be false (or fabricated) and the
    findings are retracted, there is no such retraction in the
    publications that helped distribute that false data.

    Finally, a study worthy of a government grant.

    -- Casey Hendrickson

    More at: http://www.caseyandheathershow.com/1/post/2010/11/science-confirms-us-scientists-lie-more-than-any-other-scientists.html

    Jai Maharaj, Jyotishi
    Om Shanti

    WOW! what a pile of shit. The only mayor group refusing to accept Global warming science is the US Republican party. Science does NOT agree.

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