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    Mirza Ghalib wrote:

    By chance I ran into this Wiki entry which enumerates
    important discoveries by Pakis. On closer scrutiny, it can
    be noticed that except Dr Salam, all achievements predate
    arrival of Islam in the sub-continent. Even Dr Salam was
    born in pre-partition India and studied in Indian
    Universities. Besides he was an Ahmediyya, shunned by
    "regular" Pakistani Muslims, and are considered heretics.


    Copying and plagiarism are the backbone of Paki innovations.

    They have validated my physics theories (that energy is
    continually getting created and destroyed) by making a
    perpetual motion machine run on permanent magnets, using
    the Perendev simulation.

    This is done by an isolated group, not some Govt.
    enterprise. I hail this as a great fundamental
    experimental work, worthy of a few Nobel prizes as it
    overturns physics completely.

    Their video shows all.


    While their video has got a million and more hits, it gets
    ignored, just as my works do. This is the way true science
    works! Ignore or kill the original geniuses and then make
    trillions of dollars using their ideas and work.

    Arindam Banerjee

    Here's a discussion thread on this topic:

    Working perpetual motion machine based upon permanent
    magnets validates Maxwellian electrodynamics and my
    experiments with internal force

    Arindam Banerjee


    Jai Maharaj, Jyotishi
    Om Shanti

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