• A game-changing carbon-capture power plant just passed its first big te

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    Net Power announced today that it successfully fired up a pilot plant near Houston that takes an entirely new approach to capturing carbon dioxide. The news marks a critical first test for a system that promises an economical path to cutting greenhouse-
    gas emissions.
    The 50-megawatt natural-gas facility will put carbon dioxide to work, using heat and pressure to turn it into a “working fluid” that drives a specially designed turbine. That replaces the traditional steam cycle in power plants. Excess amounts of the
    gas can be siphoned off during the process, ready to ship and sell.
    The “first fire” shows that the combustion process and integrated system works, a validation of the basic approach.
    To date, adding systems that can capture emissions from power plants has been complicated and expensive, jacking up the cost of producing electricity. Net Power expects that after it builds a few commercial-scale plants, it will be able to beat the costs
    of standard natural-gas plants.
    That means the technology could provide a cheap, clean, and flexible source of power for the grid, capable of ramping up and down with demand more easily than standard solar and wind plants can.


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