• To increase pressure in thermo mechanical generators

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    Despite the very interesting effects it was impossible to fund further investigation of the phenomenon.

    What useful application could it have? The process is so extremely
    slow and the range of motion per 'cycle' would appear to be tiny.

    Excuse a delayed reply :-)

    Similar effects seems to enable crystallization of limescale directly in the water instead of on the water containment like pipes or other containers. To avoid limescale buildup is very appreciated in some applications and worth a lot of money.

    Some applications in water seems to have a cycle time of fractions of a second. Energy exchange would in that case be done by strain-stress-work. Other physical explanations can hardly be imagined.

    The water doesn't need to freeze. The effect appears to be done on water in liquid form when the surrounding water closer to the container freezes to ice. This leads to pressure increase in remaining water. This hypothesis would need to be further
    investigated, but very few understand the problem.


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