• [EDA] Kicad User Group

    From robertgurrbaer@gmail.com@21:1/5 to Ian Bell on Sat Jul 8 17:38:25 2017
    On Saturday, October 15, 2005 at 3:23:50 AM UTC-8, Ian Bell wrote:
    Kicad is an powerful, easy to use, open source, cross platform schematic capture and PCB layout package. The Kicad User Group is just over a month
    old and already has over 100 members. Check out Kicad at:


    It's free and runs on both Windows and Linux.


    Well, i think i better give up on Kicad.
    Made a fresh install in Win7 SP1, and tried to follow the YouTube tutorial #1.

    It does not help that the video image is SMALL and BLURRY (no, "full screen" does not help).

    Got the component, but the instruction to "click on this button" cannot work because it does not exist.
    In fact, the top array of icons DO NOT MATCH in number or type.

    Still NO WAY to get a selected component into the working schematic screen.

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