• Re: How laser rangefinder or laser distance meter work and what chip

    From Michael Kellett@21:1/5 to Phil Hobbs on Sun Aug 14 14:17:28 2022
    On 13/08/2022 18:42, Phil Hobbs wrote:

    The usual method is a time-to-amplitude converter.


    Phil Hobbs

    TI make some nice chips, you can even buy them:

    TDC7201, TDC7200

    Resolution: 55 ps
    • Standard Deviation: 35 ps
    • Measurement Range:
    – Mode 1: 12 ns to 500 ns
    – Mode 2: 250 ns to 8 ms

    It needs a 16MHz input clock, work it out before you look at the data sheet.


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