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    From Edward Hernandez@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jul 13 03:35:27 2022
    XPost: free.spam

    See also these John Doe troll nym-shift names:

    John Doe <always.look@message.header>
    John <look@post.header>
    Judge Dredd <always.look@post.header>
    "Edward's Mother" <always.see@post.header>
    "Edward's Father" <always.see@post.header>

    John Doe troll claiming it has never nym-shifted on Usenet: http://al.howardknight.net/?ID=165248158300

    How stupid is the John Doe troll?

    The John Doe troll posting one of its vacuous insults at 05:39:20 UTC on
    20 Mar 2022 with a grammatical error:


    Then, at 05:55:56 UTC, 16 minutes and 36 seconds later, the John Doe
    troll responds to its own post with a correction, but stupidly forgets
    that it sets a Followup-To: header to the "alt.test.group", resulting in
    its correction article posting only to "alt.test.group":


    The John Doe troll, mister "always.look@message.header", is so stupid it
    does not even remember it sets a Followup-To: header in its own vacuous insults.

    Special thanks to corvid <bl@ckb.ird> for pointing out the stupidity of
    the John Doe troll:


    The John Doe troll stated the following in message-id <sdhn7c$pkp$4@dont-email.me>:

    The troll doesn't even know how to format a USENET post...

    And yet, the clueless John Doe troll has continued to post incorrectly formatted USENET articles that are devoid of content (latest example on
    Wed, 13 Jul 2022 03:34:51 -0000 (UTC) in message-id <talegr$29e8j$6@dont-email.me>).

    NOBODY likes the John Doe troll's contentless spam.

    This posting is a public service announcement for any google groups
    readers who happen by to point out that Troll Doe does not even follow
    the rules it uses to troll other posters.


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