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    From Edward Hernandez@21:1/5 to All on Tue Jun 21 23:26:01 2022
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    12:50:54 -0000 (UTC) Troll Doe stated:

    Always Wrong, the utterly foulmouthed group idiot, adding absolutely
    NOTHING but insults to this thread, as usual...

    Yet, since Wed, 5 Jan 2022 04:10:38 -0000 (UTC) Troll Doe's post ratio
    to USENET (**) has been 62.7% of its posts contributing "nothing except insults" to USENET.

    ** Since Wed, 5 Jan 2022 04:10:38 -0000 (UTC) Troll Doe has posted at
    least 2072 articles to USENET. Of which 173 have been pure insults and
    1127 have been Troll Doe "troll format" postings.

    The John Dope troll stated the following in message-id <sdhn7c$pkp$4@dont-email.me>:

    The troll doesn't even know how to format a USENET post...

    And the John Dope troll stated the following in message-id <sg3kr7$qt5$1@dont-email.me>:

    The reason Bozo cannot figure out how to get Google to keep from
    breaking its lines in inappropriate places is because Bozo is

    And yet, the clueless John Dope troll has itself posted yet another
    incorrectly formatted USENET posting on Tue, 21 Jun 2022 23:23:43 -0000
    (UTC) in message-id <t8tjtv$s6u$16@dont-email.me>.

    This posting is a public service announcement for any google groups
    readers who happen by to point out that Troll Doe does not even follow
    the rules it uses to troll other posters.


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