• Re: OT: Reuters, picture of Ukrainian with swastika tattoo

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    In the article...

    "Moscow says it is engaged in a "special military operation" to disarm and >> "denazify" its neighbour. Ukraine and its allies say Moscow has launched
    an unprovoked war of aggression, killing thousands of civilians and
    flattening cities."

    Propaganda gone wrong...


    Looks like Reuters took that location down. In Firefox, there is a
    placeholder for the picture slideshow (as below). In Edge, there is no
    placeholder for it.


    It's still there as of right now.

    Click on the right angle/arrow 3 times and you will see a guy bending
    over on the side of a van. He has a swastika tattoo.

    A direct link to the picture...


    Ukraine is NOT a one-nation state. Ukraine has always been a deeply
    divided country: Western Ukraine is traditionally nazistic (they were on >> > Hitler's side during WW2, and they continue to be nazis) they speak their >> > own dialect of Ukrainian language and hate everyone else; Transcarpathia >> > (Ruthenia) is anti-West Ukrainian and moderately pro-Russian but most of >> > all Ruthenians (they speak their language as well as Russian and
    Ukrainian) want to be reunited with Hungary; Central Ukraine is the true >> > Ukraine. Central Ukraine is moderately anti-West Ukrainian, moderately
    pro-Russian, they speak Ukrainian and Russian (in towns). Southern and
    Eastern Ukrainians are very anti-West, very pro-Russian, they speak
    predominantly Russian language. Cremeans always considered themselves
    Russian; hate West Ukrainians.

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