• OT: First Trump-Russia hoax trial you haven't heard about is almost ove

    From John Doe@21:1/5 to All on Fri May 27 13:53:25 2022
    The first trial cannibal leftists don't hear about from their media is
    almost over. But if it's a "not guilty" verdict, their media will report
    it like crazy!

    What will the (91% Democrat) Washington DC verdict be?


    If Baker, the man to whom Sussmann lied, adopts such a disinterested
    approach to justice, and Priestap, an assistant director at the FBI,
    shows disdain for the special counsel's case, surely a jury of
    Sussmann's peers will too.

    The men and women of the jury live and work in D.C., with men and women
    like Sussmann, Baker, and Priestap. Their kids go to school together- literally in the case of one juror-and they likely can envision a friend
    or neighbor in Sussmann's position.

    While Sussmann's lie was "material" in the legal sense, jurors seem
    likely to shrug the lie off as harmless, mentally parroting the woman
    several jurors acknowledged they donated money to when she ran for
    president in 2016: "What difference at this point does it make?"

    The next trial is in Virginia.

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