• ABP Blue Building = NSA Spy Base ! (hard core evidence) + Spy zeppelin=

    From Skybuck Flying@21:1/5 to All on Fri May 27 03:26:36 2022
    In this two hour video I explore and analyze this strange building where there was at least one UFO sighting:


    In this video I discover evidence on NSA presence:

    (NSA=National Security Agency)
    NSA markings on a power delivery system.

    Lot's of computer equipment, video equipment, video tapes, projectors, unmarked file cabinets.

    Alien art on walls, spaceship like lights in tunnels, strange exotice flowers in garden (alien food?)

    Blue Building on top of hill for maximum oversight and antenna connection.

    Radiation chamber, top security, security personel, anti-radiation showers.

    Tripods used to film what ? Captives ? Nobody will hear you scream inside this hill. Secret underground tunnels.

    "Pension fund" cover story haha lol. "Atomic bomb shelter cover story"

    Few beds, few food, not enough for a shelter, if the bomb drops access to this will be barred, strange stuff.

    The best part is it's all on video ! Go check it out for yourslef.

    (One little side not the recording screen was slightly to the right didn't notice it for a few days until I actually viewed it after recording, for now this will have to do ! Enjoy )

    Anyway one last note about my sighting:

    This video kinda connects that sighting. The sighting was most likely a very advanced zeppelin spyship. Controlled by the NSA from this blue building to spy on germans under the cover of "just a commercial/advertsing/zeppeling" with highly advanced
    spying equipment on it, and they used lights and commercial light scrollers, to cover up the power emmitance/energy signature to sign it off/cover it as energy coming from the commercial lights, while in reality this is power/radiation/signals coming off
    the spying equipment.

    Bye for now,

    P.S.: After 37 years the thruth is finally coming out/exposed ! HAHA !

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    In this two hour video I...

    Show the world just how much of an abject idiot you are.

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