• Cpanel Website Backups

    From Ricky@21:1/5 to All on Sun May 15 08:29:37 2022
    Anyone use Cpanel for maintaining their web site? I did a backup a few months ago and saved a "full" backup along with a backup of just the web site files or something. The Cpanel docs don't explain this clearly that I could find.

    I saved both because the restore function under Cpanel seems to only work with the partial backup and not the full. Some third party sites talk about having to decompress the backup and copying all the files manually for the full backup.

    Anyone know how this is supposed to work? Also, what is the file name format? I have two files, with slightly different names and neither one indicates if it is the full, or the partial. I would expect the slightly smaller one to be the partial, but
    you never know.


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