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    From amal banerjee@21:1/5 to All on Thu May 5 20:46:37 2022
    Dear All,

    Although heterogeneous junction transitors (bi-junction|field effect) are steadily replacing traditional homogeneous junction transistors in high
    power switching and RF|microwave circuits, there are no good reference
    books on these devices. So, given that the operation|working of transistors (hetero|homo geneous junction) can be explained almost entirely on how
    the conduction and valence bands align at the junctions the question is:

    If one were to write a set of notes on heterogeneous junction transistors, what shouls the main focus be on:
    1. The core physics(quantum mechanical potential wells,Fermi statistics, conduction|valence bands, bandgap engineering rtc.,)
    2. Engineering aspects(cascode connected NMOS FET and depletion
    mode heterogeneous junction FET, p-type Schottky ohmic gate for
    depletion mode heterogeneous junction FET etc.,)
    3. Equal emphasis on both the physics and engineering.

    All ideas|suggestions are welcome. I am just toying with some ideas for
    a set of explanatory notes on this topic. Thanks in advance.

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