• Make your system 1000x faster !

    From skybuck2000@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jan 26 10:07:56 2022
    Two valuable super short videos for you in dutch how to make your system 1000x faster it's in dutch but good luck ! it may crash some apps sometimes though, but the time gained is worth the reload when they do crash and it might also save your solid
    state disk from dieing !

    Twee mooie videos for jullie.

    Video 1: Firefox sneller maken in 34 seconde:


    Video 2: Windows en Firefox nog sneller maken in 1 minuut:


    ^ (plus uitleg in tekst wat het probleem is, twee jaar lang windows 7 geobserveerd, windows 11 zelfde probleem, niet geloven is zelf weten ! ;)):


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