• want to replace electret mic with one of these

    From Juan S@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jan 20 12:34:08 2022
    I have a small transmitter that I use for monitoring my property. It
    has a sensitive electret mic that feeds the transmitter, but the problem
    was that it does not have AGC, which is desired due to loud sudden
    disturbances that sometimes occur. The system has 26 dB gain already,
    so anything loud coming over the receiver blasts me out of my chair.

    I recently came across these:


    I came across a video where the module was installed into the microphone
    of a transmitter to allow increased audio gain and thought it might be
    perfect for my situation too. In the video, he mentions the tremendous
    gain increase, but uses a variable resistor on the output to reduce it
    which is what I would do as well. I do have a question though: since I
    am replacing an existing electret which already has voltage for its
    bias, what would I need in the audio line going from transmitter to the
    now module, a bypass capacitor in the positive line leading from
    transmitter to module? Assuming so, what value and type?

    Thank you.

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  • From Peter W.@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jan 20 11:09:22 2022
    Link is broken.

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  • From Juan S@21:1/5 to Peter W. on Thu Jan 20 14:20:02 2022
    On 1/20/22 2:09 PM, Peter W. wrote:
    Link is broken.

    Try this one:


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