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    The Waterfront and Homestead have been cleaned up some, but a fair bit
    of it is still a cesspool. It's better than it was 20 years ago if that
    means anything. I'm perfectly happy living on the Ohio side.

    Oh yeah, Well lad-de-dah. What do you think those of us who lived
    in the Allegheny side in North Hills?

    40.54578303758939, -79.99940320309688 to be exact.

    Looks like a nice little house. I wish I had the 2 car attached garage.

    I like to go scrapping in neighborhoods like that, people throw out
    better stuff. I made more money on antiques thrown to the curb than the
    3/4 ton of scrap steel that filled my truck. Always a treat when they
    haul an entire central A/C condenser or evaporator with the
    copper/aluminum core to the curb.

    Old electronics from the 1980s does good too, sometimes. Like if someone throws out a Trash 80 or a Commodore 64. People will buy that stuff from you.

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