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    From legg@21:1/5 to All on Wed Nov 17 14:44:34 2021
    The Daly-Antra types of BMS (Battery Monitor Switch) require
    charging current before they'll turn on.

    Unfortunately, most 'smart' inverter/chargers won't turn on
    until the battery is connected, so guess what happens when
    a Daly-Antra BMS is used?

    Nada. That's what happens when a Daly-Antra . . . .

    They supply a Blue-Tooth dongle that plugs into their UART
    port, for remote monitoring. This has a press-button that
    allows the BMS to 'start'.

    The BMS isn't a source of energy, in itself - cannot generate
    a fault condition.

    It's supposed to react to low/high voltages on battery cells,
    or overcurrent on charge or discharge. What it's NOT supposed
    to do is complain if there's no charger present.

    A manual on/off switch might be a useful feature, but this
    BT dongle addition only works the one way and it doesn't
    remember what it's supposed to do, though there's always
    power supplied when it is supposed to function.

    A USB connection is provided to talk to a PC, to set/adjust
    monitoring limits. It uses the SAME UART port as the USB
    dongle. See the problem there . . . . ?


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