• wireless client bridge signal strength measurement

    From Jerry@21:1/5 to All on Sun Oct 17 13:03:46 2021
    Is there any way to easily measure signal strength of a wireless client

    I have all the Android tools to measure signal strength of an access point.
    But they don't seem to display the signal strength of the client bridge.

    The client bridge was set up earlier this week by attaching an old Linksys WRT54Gv8.1 router (which I flashed to DD-WRT and set up as a client bridge)
    to an Ethernet-only old Win10 desktop (which didn't have a Wi-Fi card).

    Sitting at the Win10 desktop (with the client bridge sitting on top of that desktop) and logging into the Linksys DD-WRT interface shows the old Netgear home router signal is being received by the Linksys WRT56Gv8.1 client bridge
    at around -50dBm with the displayed "Signal Quality" graph coming out at
    around 65%.

    But how can I _measure_ (easily) the signal the other way around?
    How can I easily measure the signal strength of the client bridge at the
    home router?

    Is there an Android or Netgear or Windows tool to measure signal quality of
    the Linksys client bridge on the other end (which is back at the Netgear WNDR3400v2 home router)?

    Why do they give you tools only for easily measuring one side of the bridge?

    The Netgear Advanced > Administration > Attached Devices doesn't even show
    the client bridge. All it shows is the IP (and what I presume is the MAC address) of the Win10 desktop which is attached to the client bridge.

    But what Android or Windows tools tell us the strength of the client bridge?

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  • From Dan Purgert@21:1/5 to Jerry on Wed Nov 10 12:39:11 2021
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    Jerry wrote:
    Is there any way to easily measure signal strength of a wireless client bridge?

    Yes, in your WiFi AP's (or router, if it's one of those combined gateway devices) UI, probably somewhere under "WiFi Clients" or similar. Well, assuming the AP makes it visible. If the AP doesn't, then no.

    But how can I _measure_ (easily) the signal the other way around?

    According to Netgear's documentation, you can't. Or rather, the device
    doesn't display connected client strength.



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