• Yamaha outboard motor; 9.9 HP/ 7.3 kW, T9.9EXHP, 6G8 UL 784628, 1991.

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    Yamaha outboard motor (9.9 HP/ 7.3 kW, T9.9EXHP, 6G8 UL 784628, 1991)
    starts immediately and runs well when cold. When warm, misfires are

    If stopped, deliberately or by the misfiring, after running for about
    20+ minutes, the motor won't start again until cooled.

    The motor has an electronic ignition. From my minimal experience and reasoning, the misfiring is more likely from faulty ignition than from
    fuel supply. The service manual shows these parts in the ignition.

    CDI magneto
    Pulser coil
    Charge coil
    Rectifier regulator
    CDI unit
    Ignition coil

    What is CDI? I don't find it explained in the manual.

    Any tips to identify faulty operation of one of the above components?
    I prefer to identify a specific fault rather than replace parts until the
    motor runs properly.

    Thanks, ... Peter E.

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