• A comparatively efficient software for embedding secret information bit

    From Mok-Kong Shen@21:1/5 to All on Thu Dec 15 21:26:02 2016
    WORDLISTTEXTSTEGANOGRAPHY is a new software (employing an extensive
    English word list) which, while performing linguistic steganography,
    also involves pseudo-random separation of the word list into two
    sublists (for denoting 0 and 1 bits) that are dependent on dynamic
    session-key materials, thus furnishing simultaneously substantial cryptographical security for the embedded stego bits.

    The software has a stegobit embedding rate of roughly 0.5 or higher
    per word of cover-text which the user composes to be as natural as
    possible under the guidance of the software. To my knowledge there
    is currently no other linguistic stego software that could compete
    with it, when both the naturalness of the cover texts and the
    stegobit embedding rate are taken into consideration as evaluation

    The software in Python with a GUI coded in tkinter is available at: http://s13.zetaboards.com/Crypto/topic/9024439/1/

    For comments and critiques I should be very grateful.

    M. K. Shen

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