• TEXTCOMBINE-REV, A software for combining text files to obtain high-qua

    From Mok-Kong Shen@21:1/5 to All on Fri Sep 1 00:43:57 2017
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    An earlier software of mine, TEXTCOMBINE-SP, posted to this group was not satisfactory due a bug in a function employed in its design and was

    I am posting now its replacement TEXTCOMBINE-REV which has been carefully tested and has a fairly good performance IMHO. The following is
    extracted from its

    # What has been achieved by the present software can be tersely
    summarized as
    # follows, assuming the general case where the text files are sufficiently
    # large:
    # (1) The generated byte sequences pass, via design specifications of the
    # software, Maurer's universal test and the autocorrelation test for all
    # d in the range [1, 16] as well as the ENT test with an entropy value
    # according to it of at least 7.99 bits per byte. The software is namely
    # coded such that it would give up, reporting failure, after a certain
    # specified maximum amount of processing has been done without finding
    # a solution.
    # (2) An extensive expermiment of the present author done on all different
    # combinations, totalling 3060 in number, of 4 source materials (of size
    # 600 KB each) taken from 18 different books of English literature
    # downloaded from Project Gutenberg resulted in the following:
    # (a) No case of failure was ever encountered. On the contrary, the
    # mentioned processing limit, which is in terms of rounds of certain
    # preprocessing of source materials before they are xor-ed together,
    # was by far not being approached in the experiment. For
    details, see
    # Epilogue.
    # (b) The worst case of entropy according to ENT in the experiment was
    # higher than 7.995 bits per byte and the average CPU-time was
    less than
    # 15 sec on author's PC.

    The software is available at http://mok-kong-shen.de

    M. K. Shen

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  • From Mok-Kong Shen@21:1/5 to All on Tue Sep 5 00:22:57 2017
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    The original release, version 1.0, is unfortunately erroneous. The
    correct new version is 1.1.

    I beg your pardon.

    M. K. Shen

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