• Logical Inference in First Working AGI

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    The tutorial AI Mind in JavaScript for MSIE at


    has an InFerence module which engages in automated reasoning. The human user may enter a first statement as a premise, such as "boys play games". Later on, the user may enter an Is-A statement such as "john is a boy" to trigger the formation of a silent
    inference in the conceptual memory of the AI.

    http://ai.neocities.org/KbRetro.html -- shows the Knowledge Base Retroactive module which retroactively adjusts the neural-net knowledge base (KB) after the user responds to a challenge by the thinking software. If the user enters "anna is a woman", the
    AI Mind may challenge the user with a question of inference, such as, "DOES ANNA HAVE A CHILD" -- since Anna is a woman. If the user answers "Yes", the AI Mind simply accepts the inferred idea that Anna has a child. If the user answers "No", the AI Mind
    inserts the adverb "NOT" into the stored inference and the AI generates the output, "ANNA DOES NOT HAVE A CHILD".


    http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FKJY1WY http://github.com/PriorArt/AGI/wiki/MindGrid

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