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    Electrochemistry software electrochemist.com (former Polar and Polarograph) is virtual electrochemist who can analyze and simulate electrochemical experiments. It simulates
    analytically and digitally
    voltammetry and chronoamperometry
    on virtually any mechanism
    in 4 models (finite and semi-infinite diffusions, convection and adsorption)
    at over 10 electrode geometries (planar, spherical, semi-spherical, cylindrical, semi-cylindrical, microdisc, thin film, and their rotating electrodes)
    by virtually any waveform techniques (e.g. linear sweep, CV, DC, normal pulse, differential pulse, square wave, additive square wave, staircase voltammetries, user-defined or imported waveform chronoamperometry and voltammetry).
    the effects to change 35 parameters, e.g. charge current, resistance, noise, preconcentration time and potential, convection, pH, the reactant and product numbers, etc.
    This electrochemistry software provides five ways to check accuracy of simulation. It calculates over 1000 types of theoretical peak values. It can separate the overlapped peaks.

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