• US: Formulations Chemist

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    US: Formulations Chemist
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    Date: 22-Oct-2015
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    Formulations Chemist

    Essential Duties - Pharmacy/Log-In

    Assist with picking up and maintaining custody of all incoming materials from clients from Shipping/Receiving.

    Generate tracking forms and study related documents (Sponsor communications, protocols, requisition form) for all relevant studies.

    Properly store and track all materials (including dosing formulations and other study related materials) maintained in the Pharmacy.

    Track removal and return of all test materials.

    Reconcile and account for all materials appropriately at the end of a study as directed by the Sponsor or Study Director.

    Maintain up to date accurate records for materials that have entered the pharmacy and records of use and log out of materials for both formulations, dosing and other usage.

    Work with Study Directors to accurately determine if additional materials are needed.

    Work with Health and Safety for proper storage, formulation and use of any potentially hazardous materials.

    Essential Duties - Formulations

    Responsible for preparation and processing of formulations per instructions in protocols and/or SOPs.

    Generate and maintain records on all dispensation, preparation, routing and custody of samples.

    Maintain active inventory of test article, control articles, vehicles, carriers, etc.

    Assist in the characterization and verification procedures of formulations with the Analytical Chemistry department.

    Maintain Formulations Laboratory and instruments per Equipment Usage procedures and interface with Metrology and Validation services as required.

    Maintain all equipment records and submit monthly performance verification records for the Formulations Laboratory.

    Maintain all required records to quality standards and completeness requirements.

    Assist in managing technical and regulatory site visits to the laboratory and interface with QA and RA on all vendor/regulatory audits.

    Essential Duties - Study Support

    Maintain and monitor schedule of performance, flow of information and reporting of studies. Ensure that reports are reported timely and all special testing preparations are properly handled

    Participate in the daily scheduling, forecasting and needs of the Formulation Laboratory.

    Assist project management and other sales staff with quotation/pricing information.

    Maintain laboratory accreditation and registrations as required.

    Interact with clients as required.

    Minimum Requirements

    Bachelor's Degree in chemistry or pharmaceutical sciences.

    Experience in the preparation, processing and testing of dose formulations (sterile or non-sterile) for pre-clinical pharmaceutical studies.

    Must have strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment.

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