• New products launched for shrimp and fish farmers

    From bioztech2015@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sat Nov 14 00:55:42 2015
    Bioz Technologies, a company which is in marketing biological products, has brought out Eight new products :-
    1.Algae Reduction - BioClean
    2.Sludge Removal - EcoBio
    3.Sustainability - NutraPro
    4.Organic Waste - PondPro
    5.Productivity - AquaVive
    6.Immune Boost - Immunogrow
    7.Biosecurity - AquaPro
    8.Healthy Water- Mineral Boost

    - for shrimp and fish industries respectively.

    The new products will help to improve food conversion ratio, improve quality of shrimp and fish, develops immunity and disease resistance and reduce harmful bacteria and mortality.

    "This products will bring a change in aquaculture industry and benefits will reach the shrimp and fish farmers quickly. Biozym is made with natural ingredients and can prevent white gut disease which is haunting the aqua farmers,"

    BioZ has established marketing channels in several Asian and Latin American countries. For exclusive distribution rights to our products in shrimp and fish farming industries in your country please contact us.

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