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    Hi LEPS-L, we worked with Dr. Inoue several years ago on a Papilio project, and he recently inquired about where he might be able to photograph oviposition by Papilio troilus, P. cresphontes, and P. indra (see below). I'm forwarding his request in to
    the list, in the hope that someone might be able to provide some suggestions. Please reply to him directly at inoueatp@affrc.go.jp Perhaps he could accompany someone(s) in the field who knows a good location(s), or join up with a planned trip. Best,

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    Subject: Japanese Papilio butterfly researcher again call for your help.

    Dear Dr Munstermann, Leonard; Gall, Lawrence; Pupedis, Raymond

    I am the person who is given photographs of hybrid Papilio butterflies from you. Thank you very much for your kindness at that time.
    I think I had already sent video presentation containing these photographs entitled "Papilio butterflies in southern INDIA, especially in/around the west Ghat mountains".

    Now I am making next presentation and during this work, I want to get videos written below.

    1. Papilio indra female who is ovipositing on its hostplants.
    2. Papilio cresphontes female who is ovipositing on its hostplants.
    3. Papilio troilus female who is ovipositing on its hostplants.

    For these purpose, I try to visit USA next Jul. So if you can, please let me know where I should go to obtain these pictures. Thank you very much.

    INOUE A. Takashi

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