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    Any tax kills a national economy, immediately.
    But lets look at a few a little closer.
    If a sales tax is imposed at say %10, and a dollar is circulated say 300 times with a sales tax paid each time, that dollar is worth negative 29 dollars, but they tend to stay in circulation longer than such and the sales tax is actually higher than 10%
    on a dollar.
    Property tax at about 10% per year costs the owner 2 times it's value in 20 years in tax.
    Income tax is extra slavery, and import/export tax works against commerce and gross domestic product.
    Then, there's all the fines and fee's for functioning, which is a tax.
    And all the cia and such like so getting free property and money while we struggle, ...
    ... but anything in america that isn't owned by cia/britian is actually progressive, though suppressed/oppressed.

    If your wondering how national taxation could somehow work, it can't, it killed our nation putting us $300,000,000,000,000+ in debt with the printing presses printing money 24/7 which constantly makes our money worth less, plus the printed money doesn't
    go to us american, it's used to power the monster.
    also, every paid politician and librarian in america is a cia.

    p.s.. if you have a religion, it's mumbo jumbo and kachina dolls, same source and origin as tax.

    p.p.s.. pureted or choped = faster or slower.

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